How We Price Our Home Inspections

Westharbour Quality Inspections provides a reasonably priced, high quality professional inspection for each client. We do our best to hold down fees and offer inspection services at a professional rate that is competitive, but also fair to both our clients and our company.


At Westharbour, we understand that inspection services are personal services, and not a commodity. We have an established fee schedule that is based on the size, age, and features of the home (i.e. residences with a guest suite, more than one kitchen, a second garage or outbuilding, and other specific items). Our Certified Home Inspectors will inspect items beyond the Standards of Practice. We specialize in luxury homes as well as the starter home for a first-time home buyer.


Additional inspection services include:

  • 11-month Warranty Inspections
  • Annual Maintenance Home Inspections
  • Pest Inspections
  • Commercial Property Inspections

Westharbour Quality Inspections may not be the cheapest inspection company in the region, but we are recognized as one of the more preferred. We provide a thorough and unbiased inspection along with an easy to read, high quality report. Westharbour's Certified Home Inspectors provide timely service and will work closely with clients, encouraging their input and participation during the inspection.


Educating each client on the current condition of the house along with providing useful maintenance advice to ensure their investment is protected, is our central focus.



Fees for a full residential inspection range from $380 and up.


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***Payment is due at time of inspection.***

Cash, check, and all major credit cards are accepted.